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San Diego Real Estate Tenant Screening Services

We've owned several Rental Properties in San Diego County so we know how to select the right tenants for you.  We help you maximize your profits and return on investment on the Investment Properties you own.  We also have about 15 years of experience working in the Commercial Real Estate Financing arena so we can help you evaluate properties and determine realistic cash flow projections.  In summary, we offer the following services:

  • We help you list and market your properties
  • We help you screen tenants by collecting applications, checking their references, analyzing their credit and determining financial viability.
  • We show the properties on your behalf, usually once or twice a week
  • We promote the property around the neighborhood by posting signs etc.
  • We help you get the property ready for your new tenants.  We coordinate with independent contractors to paint, change the locks, make minor repairs and get the property ready for a new tenant.  Billed separately.
  • We help you register and navigate the Section 8 application process if interested.  Billed separately. 

San Diego Real Estate Tenant Screening Services
San Diego Real Estate Tenant Screening Services

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