San Diego Business Plans and coaching

San Diego Business Plans and Coaching - College Professor and Experienced Entrepreneur

Do you need a good writer or an experienced Business person to write your Business Plan? or both? Fortunately, we offer both.  We also provide Business and Restaurant/Food Industry Consulting services:

Business Plan Design 

Landeros & Associates can assist you in designing your Business Plan to include the following sections:

  • ·Market research analysis – an in depth industry and market research analysis on trends, demographics and geographic data.
  • Marketing Plan – an in depth study on how to market your business concept and apply new techniques in marketing including social media and online Marketing.
  • Strategic Plan – a complete study on your direct competition, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and an optimal strategic direction.
  • Operations – we help you manage the day to day operations of the business, design an organizational structure and determine the necessary regulatory requirements to operate in California such as permits and licenses.
  • Financial Analysis – a quantitative study that highlights a realistic start-up budget, profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecast reports for 1-5 years on average. 

Business Plan Implementation

Our years of experience help us design an effective Execution Plan to assist you in the implementation of your Business Plan from start to finish. We can help you with various phases of your Business plan such as property selection and lease negotiations, hiring qualified staff, vendor selection, permits and licenses, effective advertising campaigns and other activities pertinent to the operations of your new business. In essence, we increase your probabilities of success and help you navigate the U.S. system to open your own business. 

Business Consulting and Coaching

Prof. Landeros has owned and operated six different businesses in the past 20 years.  He recently owned and operated a Restaurant/Bar in San Diego County for 5 years and still owns and operates his Business Consulting firm.  In addition, he has owned other businesses in the past in various fields including food production and wholesale, real estate investments, import/export, etc.  

Restaurant Consulting and Food Industries Niches

Prof. Landeros is an experienced Restaurant Consultant in San Diego and knows the food industry very well.  He's helped many Restaurant owners with menu design, strategic plans, food and payroll cost control, lease negotiations, advertising campaigns etc.  He owned a Restaurant/Bar for 5 years in San Diego County, imported Food from Latin America for a while and owned a Candy Factory a few years ago.  He is well versed in the permit process and marketing techniques in the industry.    

San Diego Business Plans
San Diego Business Plans